Autolaner Laning and Balancing

An automated laning and balancing system that divides a randomly distributed product stream equally into multiple channels or lanes.

Multi-lane, Multi-aperture System Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Cost of Ownership

Typically slicing and/or packaging equipment requires product to be laned at its input, and that each of those lanes are filled equally.  Often this task is completed with manual labor.  An AutoLaner takes randomly placed product and automatically lanes and meters product as it enters packaging; ensuring constant monitored and regulated product flow.

The AutoLaner logic is prepared to deal with surges of product and when packaging equipment is temporarily unavailable.

AutoLaner laning and balancing system for food production

Standard system configurations are for 4 and 6 lanes, but can be varied further in software as required for each SKU produced.  The system can handle over 150 pieces per minute, per lane.

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